Zookeepers (2 un.)

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Zookeepers is a game for all ages from 10 years old, with an average duration of 30 minutes (fastest game mode) and for 2 to 4 players, with the possibility to extend to 6 players with 2 copies of the game.

In Zookeepers, each player will represent a Zoo with the objective of saving the greatest number of endangered species. The game ends the moment a player saves a certain number of species and points are counted. The more threatened saved species, the more points are obtained.


Example of a 3-player setup:




Each Zookeepers game has the following content:

4 Playmats;
60 Species Cards;
55 Resource Cubes;
24 Zookeeper Cards;
8 Secret Objective Cards;
4 Short Rules Cards;
4 Player Tokens;
2 Discount Vouchers for the Lisbon Zoo;
1 Rulebook;
1 Linen bag.

Average Game Time: 30-60 minutes
Number of Players 2-4 (up to 6 with 2 copies of the game)
Minimum Age +10

Warning: This game contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old.


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